Park of the Tenuta Polvaro

Art at Tenuta Polvaro’s ancient village

Summer always puts us in a good mood and inspires our creativity, which actually never never sleeps. During one of our long chats, we began to wonder if even a winery like Tenuta Polvaro can be considered a vestige of an artistic legacy.

Thinking about it, the mere preparation of a wine, is an expression of art. It takes technique, manual skill, sensitivity and experience… qualities that not everyone is fortunate enough to possess. Our thoughts immediately turned to the staff, who do their utmost to ensure that every bottle of Tenuta Polvaro wine has the potential to be considered a small masterpiece.

“[…] the mere preparation of a wine is an expression of art. It takes technique, manual skill, sensitivity and experience […]”

We believe that art is life and we think that the spaces made available by Tenuta Polvaro are ideal for hosting various artistic events, to enhance the magical relationship between the artwork, nature and the architectural dimension.

Performances and concerts in the expansive garden are a counterbalance to exhibitions and shows in the bright veranda or inside the barrique cellar, which is more intimate and evocative. In short, there is a wide range to choose from and a variety of backdrops for your artistic persona. 

At Tenuta Polvaro, there is a lot of space to dream and there is no lack of space to make your dream project a reality. The artist in you could find the right location, right here on our rich landscape and estate, to set up a vernissage, a performance or a concert. We don’t put limits on creativity!

Barbara De Zan and Caterina De Zan
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