Glass of sparkling wine prosecco doc Tenuta Polvaro

Hospitality is an art at Tenuta Polvaro

A strong sense of hospitality has distinguished Tenuta Polvaro from the rest, as soon as it was acquired by our family. The truth is, we have done nothing but continue with the tradition which already existed among the families who used to inhabit the 17th century borgo which lies at the heart of our property. It may be for this reason or the fact that we are glad to make guests feel at ease, that we have tried to improve on this tradition, more and more.

Over the years Tenuta Polvaro has not only become a winery known and appreciated all over the world, but it is also a prime venue for events and ceremonies, where, first of all, the guest is at the center of our care and attention. We have worked hard to ensure that the estate, inside and out, guarantees every comfort to all those who want to use it for a graduation party, a company dinner or an anniversary. In addition, we are very proud to be among the top locations recommended by couples and guests who have chosen Tenuta Polvaro, as the setting for their most memorable moments.

“We always try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to try to understand and meet their needs and expectations.”

We always try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to try to understand and meet their needs and expectations. Of course, it is not easy, but our years abroad and our own countless trips have proven an excellent training ground, which has allowed us to experience firsthand the meaning of welcoming hospitality.

The antique 17th century village of Tenuta Polvaro, with its nostalgic edifices, is suitable for different types of events, artistic and cultural happenings. Booking a visit could be the first step to get to know a place like this where history and innovation meet.

Barbara De Zan and Caterina De Zan
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