Vineyards estate near Venice

Tenuta Polvaro invests in sustainability

We are aware that at the global, regional and local levels, water resources are over-exploited and are wasted mindlessly. Therefore, the sustainable use of water has become crucial in all sectors of our universe. From the vineyards and to the verdant landscape in which Tenuta Polvaro is immersed, constant irrigation is required. For some time now, together with all the staff, we have addressed the issue by allocating measured amounts of water to nourish our vines.

At Tenuta Polvaro, the decision to investigate more ways to tackle and minimize our energy consumption was a natural one. First, a highly technological drip irrigation system was installed, which rendered immediate positive results. We then pondered how to maximise the use of rainwater and the possibility of collecting it for subsequent reuse. Finally, a water purification system was introduced. Our satisfaction is derived from having reduced water consumption by 80%, without diminishing the beauty of our vineyards, park and garden. As far as we are concerned, we are on a constant quest to improve, because we believe that our customer loyalty hinges more and more on the credibility that we as producers are able to demonstrate.

“We believe that our customer loyalty hinges on the credibility that we as producers are able to demonstrate.”

Sustainability is not limited to the consumption of “water” issue. It is a commitment that, as a SQNPI certified company (National Integrated Production Quality System), we address at 360°. In addition to our sophisticated irrigation system, we are also on a mission to reduce the use of synthetic chemicals and alter our fertilization practices, in compliance with ecological, economic and toxicological standards.

Another important aspect is dedicated to ecological fermentation, which exploits the CO2 naturally produced in Mythos state-of-the-art winemaker tanks that significantly reduce energy consumption. And, speaking of energy, it should be noted that the winery is equipped with a photovoltaic system that guarantees energy efficiency with a consequent reduction in consumption.

Sustainable initiatives require planning, monitoring and exploitation of knowledge. It is a constantly evolving process in constant evolution, requiring regular improvements and evaluation. We, as main players in this supply chain, are approaching the future with full respect to traditions and nature.

Barbara De Zan and Caterina De Zan
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