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Weddings and ancient traditions

Traditions and proverbs, as we know, are often linked to the stories passed down to us as children from our grandparents. In some of these stories, the wedding drives the storyline. At Tenuta Polvaro, weddings are one of those lifetime events we do best. 

There is a saying in our regional culture “The night of St. John is auspicious for the harvest, weddings, making wine and the transformation of wheat into bread.” In fact, the elements are all there, especially wine, weddings and that pinch of magic that we often find when our venues are transformed into fairytale wedding locations.

“And our memories open up in front of the amount of soundtracks that over the years have filled the rooms of Tenuta Polvaro, as couples and their guests dance and entertain.”

Another ancient tradition, no longer in use, was to sing cheerful songs during the wedding banquet as a way to bestow the couple with healthy fertility.  Today, contents have changed, but songs and music have become essential elements behind a wedding ceremony and above all, the party. And our memories open up in front of the amount of soundtracks that over the years have filled the rooms of the Tenuta Polvaro, as couples and guests dance and entertain.

How can we not mention the bouquet toss tradition?  It’s perhaps the most awaited moment by many unmarried guests. We both look back with fondness, remembering that playful moment when our friends reached out their hands with hope of receiving a marriage proposal. Tradition traces this gesture back to the Arabs and it warms our hearts to see this carried on.  

So, if the wedding is on the horizon, booking a visit to find out more about the location is extremely easy. Here you will find all the details but, above all, our staff will be waiting for you and ready to accompany you through the spaces of the ancient seventeenth-century village, poised to give you all the advice and suggestions you need for an unforgettable day. Do you want to celebrate your wedding outdoors, among the vineyards or in the elegant park in the center of the estate? On that special day, anything is possible at Tenuta Polvaro. Be it summer or winter.

Barbara De Zan and Caterina De Zan
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