Fall wedding in the garden of Tenuta Polvaro estate

Fall/Winter wedding celebrations

Getting married during the fall or winter seasons, why not? It’s a fantastic idea – I, Caterina, got married on December 8th, a few years ago, with a party organized right here in Tenuta Polvaro. Of course, the season we chose required plenty of consideration, but it was full of advantages, in all honesty. First of all, nature’s intimacy and warmth with spectacular colors and more subdued lights. Then, the aromas, flavors, atmosphere, and the material palette to consider. And last but not least: the honeymoon, heading off to a tropical destination – a real icing on the cake.

Together with the events team, we have collected the most significant aspects of an “off-season wedding.” Here they are:

The warm and enveloping color palette

One of the most beautiful spectacles that nature can offer, both in fall and in winter, is the variety and abundance of rich colors, ranging from ocher yellow to natural orange and then to brown, going through all shades of red and burgundy. Greens evolve from light to burnt and purple shades … in short, it’s an expansive color scheme to get excited about.

The surprises of nature

The choice of fruits and vegetables that can be used for a wedding party set up is vast: grapes, apples, figs, chestnuts, pumpkins, oranges, and pomegranates can provide an atmosphere of total immersion into nature.


The seasonal flowers available are different from typically seen at weddings; they are unexpected, less banal: hydrangeas blossom in their shades ranging from burnt green to burgundy;  cyclamen present themselves in pure white and then build upon the pigment intensity transforming into bright fuchsia. And of course, let’s not forget the beauty of poinsettias.

And have you thought of the beauty of the autumnal leaves? They could play a key role in the decorative concept: their shape and size variations are endless, and each one is unique. Using these types of arrangements can add an extraordinary kind of charm to the atmosphere.

“One of the most beautiful spectacles that nature can offer, both in fall and in winter, is the variety and abundance of rich colors”.

Do not overlook the options for a menu full of authentic, delicious ingredients, such as truffles, mushrooms, pumpkin, beetroot, or apple flavors. Come to think of it, it’s hard to find such full-bodied flavors in summer- it’s an absolute gastronomic pleasure for the palate. And as per the dessert? Flash a green light to chocolate and cream with no fear of a sudden summer heatwave.

The significance of material choices

If it is true that lightness and transparency are sought in every detail in summer, the winter season inspires us to use full-bodied and opulent materials. Fabric suggestions include textures such as taffeta,  shantung silk, and velvet, paper and card can thicken up, more accents can be added with the assistance of leather or cork. A note of sober solemnity replaces the typical summer fluffiness.

An original choice

Each season has its peculiarities, but the feelings that fall and winter can offer have something unique and special. The truth is that a wedding away from the more traditional months reveals real “pros” to be taken advantage of.

The suppliers display more availability, and the calendar provides more flexibility in dates as the demand in the off-season time drops. This gives you the rare opportunity to plan every detail out with calm and serenity instead of experiencing the typical stress of preparations.

For those who wish to optimize the running time of the event, we suggest opting for a morning ceremony with a lunch to follow – it is also possible to organize both activities in the same venue. Tenuta Polvaro is suited for the occasion, unlike any other setting. It can host romantic civil ceremonies and create a cocktail reception or cater for a dreamy lunch set up within a few meters away from each other. Then, as your special day comes to an end, you can enjoy the enchanting lights of the twilight before entering a magical world illuminated by the flames of a thousand candles.


If you are worried about not being able to enjoy an open-air event due to unfavorable weather conditions, in that case, we suggest you rely on the imagination of your wedding planners, who will be able to find countless solutions and proposals for transforming the space into an admirable sheltered alternative. We can testify: the results exceed expectations.

Speaking of wedding planners and looking through the photos of the exceptional events set up at Tenuta Polvaro in the past few months, the wedding planning and organization professionals @la.petite.italienne and @ungiornosumisurawaiting are already familiar with the venue and will ensure to make the most out of it. 

You may also wish to consult the award-winning @stephanieblanche_events or the creative genius of @morethanweddings, who will be happy to share their great experience and ideas with you. In short, do not be trivial and dare to embark on originality – your guests will appreciate this for sure.

To visit Tenuta Polvaro, email eventi@tenutapolvaro.it or call +39 340 9017442. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Barbara De Zan and Caterina De Zan
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