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Our Harvest Party

November 14th, 2017



There is an enchanted sun-drenched land, cooled by the breeze wafting down from the mountains and every now and then washed by the rain.
Here, the only sounds are those of nature… and if you keep quiet, you can hear the grass grow.
Not least, because here the grass grows thick, even and greener than green, just like all the other plants and the poplars which decorate and shade the road leading there.
This fantastic place is surrounded by delightful fields stretching as far as the eye can see, with a very special rich clay soil. Here there are verdant vineyards growing a great many varieties: from Prosecco to Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Traminer and Syrah.
Thanks to the work of all the people who lovingly wake those plants up every morning at dawn and take care of them until the sun goes down when they wish them goodnight, thanks to all that, each year this magnificent countryside gives splendid fruit!
And each year, a great quantity of fragrant grapes packed with incredible aromas are harvested between September and October.
At that time, everyone works industriously, sometimes from very early in the morning until way into the night.
The air is full of intoxicating fragrances… and the work goes on until the last grape is picked and begins its magical journey to become wine.
Here, usually halfway through October, when the chestnuts are ready and you wake up in the morning wrapped in that mist which muffles everything, the grape harvest comes to an end and the must begins resting to acquire all that energy unique to only a great wine.
And when the harvest is finished, a great party is organised in which everyone takes part joyfully.
The Candoni De Zan family invites all their friends, relatives and everyone who has worked so hard.
They thank the heavens for the fruit received, they eat, laugh, joke, drink good wine and play.
So you might see an accountant beat a wine expert at ping-pong, a salesman challenge a farm worker at bowls, the office team challenging the winery at volleyball… and perhaps a supplier who has enjoyed some good wine trying his aim at darts.
Everyone takes part among the impending autumn colours in a still summery sun.
Someone sings, someone with a blindfold tries to break hanging pots in the hopes they contain valuable prizes.
All the children run about on the grass and play… they are still laughing and playing… it really is a stupendous place with traditions to remember.

This enchanted place is called Tenuta Polvaro!


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