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Tasting Notes:

Crisp, clean, and delicate with a fine perlage caressing the palate. Intense sensations of apples and peaches drive a pleasant aftertaste with fruity and floral aromas.


Finished Wine

Varietal content: 100% Prosecco

Region: Veneto

Appellation: D.O.C.

Alcohol level: 11% by volume


Food Pairings

Serves well as an aperitif, but is an ideal accompaniment to virtually any meal.


Serving Method

Serve well-chilled at a temperature between 47°F and 50°F in a champagne flute.


Harvest and Vinification Notes

The selected grapes of Prosecco undergo traditional white wine vinification. The wine is then produced using the Charmat Method, which consists of a natural re-fermentation in pressurized tanks using selected yeasts. This process, lasting approximately one month, provides refined perlage and preserves the fruity aromas typical of the Prosecco varietal.


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