Tenuta Polvaro - Estate winery - since 1681

The Territory

Tenuta Polvaro Estate Winery is located in the Lison Pramaggiore district of eastern Veneto, one of the most suitable areas of Veneto for vine-growing. This land produces the worldwide famous and appreciated Lison-Pramaggiore D.O.C. wines, once known as Tocai. First under the rule of the Romans, and later the Republic of Venice, this territory has an extensive and renowned history of viticulture and enology. Sailors loaded these ancient wines onto their ships and galleys, using these “noble drinks” as objects of trade exchanges all over its dominion.

The climate is very favorable for wine-making due to its close proximity to the Adriatic Sea; there are no sharp changes in temperature between the various seasons. The clay soil has a medium texture and is rich in minerals, salts and well-fertilized allowing for excellent grape growing conditions.

Tenuta Polvaro focuses on the typical vines of the D.O.C. Lison Pramaggiore area including: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Lison Classico (Tocai), Malvasia, Verduzzo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Prosecco.

Away from the hectic city life, Tenuta Polvaro is cradeled in the remote Venetian countryside. The century-old Poplar trees line the Street Polvaro, leading the path to this magical property where all eyes can feast on our hectares of vines.

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